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Cherryade Makes Lyndsey Weird!

"Being a good writer is 3% talent and 97% not being distracted by the internet."

the writer reblogs, being distracted by the internet  (via hughsdancys)


every friendship ever


How am I going to tell them I lost my job.

I have a wife, and 3 children

3 Children. 


by ☆みき★



gentle reminder that cleopatra’s beauty is rumored to have started wars in ancient history

gentle reminder that people are evolving to be more and more attractive

gentle reminder that your beauty probably would have started at least 2 wars by now if you lived in 30 BC

wat a gently delivered compliment thank u


You are the dancing queen

Young and sweet

Level seventeen


you never know when the desire to draw Luna Lovegood is gonna hit you… but it’s useless to fight it.

Then what shall we die for?

Hi there :3 I'm Lyndsey
the very first Lost Girl of Neverland, studying foundation art and trying to make it through life one day at a time. I love to read, draw and listen to music, so you'll mostly find stuff like that on here :D

<3 ADTR, MCR, All Time Low, YM@S, SWS, Pierce The Veil, The Pretty Reckless, Of Mice And Men, Mallory Knox, The Summer Set, Young Guns, We Are The In Crowd, Call Atlantis, Paramore, Linkin Park, and The Killers

anything you find on here isn't mine, unless stated.
Come in and look around and don't be shy to talk to me :3

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